The Race-House-Adenau Project

The Nürburgring is one of the most famous and most challenging tracks of the world. The tractive force of this particular address currently boosts investors to invest ca. 250 million Euro in the hotel and event area.

In a combination of futuristic and historical architecture, the race House is growing - a unique property and an exclusive automobile club near the Nordschleife. An event stage with surrounding within national park boundaries for approximately 70 cars, a wellness, lounge Club area and luxury apartments let become the race House an oasis for fans of exclusive automobiles and racing.

For the rear area of the stage are provided fixed parking spaces, in the entrance hall area variable parking facilities which can be integrated in the concept at events. With a height of seven metres, various ways for events and presentations are given.

The start of work is planned for 2010, the overall completion is scheduled for 2011. Parts can be used earlier to current events.

With this concept not only an exclusive and unique property is created but also a contact platform in the luxury segment.

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