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Sale on commission

 You intend to sell your car but don´t have a mind to
  • let in strange people at home,
  • go in for risky and abortive test drives
  • lead risky and exhausting pice negotiations
  • take hazards with the payment

We take your car in commission and market it for you professionally.

Each craftsperson, irrespective of the kind of business, has the problem of the warranty for defects when selling a company car since some time. We solve this problem for you by selling the car in commission. Further we can provide you car with interesting warranty benefits.
We market your car professionally with all the know-how of more than ten years experience with trading exclusive cars. With the ambience, the service-offer of a full-service supplier we have all the abilities to sell your car short term for you for an ideal price. GmbH | Tel. +49 (0) 2691 / 935599 | Fax +49 (0) 2691 / 935598 |